ON SALE Pro-Mango Combo

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Health Highlights of the Pro-Mango Combo:

Boomer Pro-Biotics Help:

  • Digest Food
  • Regulate Hormones
  • Excrete Toxins
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Produce Vitamins 

Boomer African Mango Trim+Fit helps with:

  • Sustained Appetite Suppression
  • Improved Metabolic Processes
  • Increased Metabolism


ON SALE Pro-Mango Combo

Scientists can now predict whether people are overweight or thin based on the bacterial make-up of their intestines with a 90%accuracy.

The research has shown that unhealthy flora can undermine even your best efforts to lose weight.

When your “gut” is in equilibrium, your intestinal tract will follow suit meaning if the “unfriendly” bacteria dominate, you will just struggle to shed the pounds.

Instead, you may:

  • gain weight
  • crave sugar
  • become vulnerable to yeast infections
  • feel fatigued and tired
  • even struggle with anxiety and depression

Based on these findings, Boomers Forever Young has combined our One of a Kind Pro-Biotics with our African Mango Trim + Fit Weight Release Supplement to form the PRO-MANGO COMBO. This combination of products can help to eliminate the unhealthy Flora that will undermine the hard work you are doing to lose those unwanted pounds.

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