Boomer Vitamin D-3

Vitamin D-3

Health Highlights of Boomers Vitamin D-3 with 5000ius Per capsule.

  • Maintains Bone Health (1)
  • Supports Heart Health (2)
  • Supports Brain Health (3)
  • Strengthen Immune System (4)
  • Facilitates Accurate Gene Expression (5)


Vitamin D-3

An Estimated 57% of Adults in the United States have Severe Vitamin D-3 deficiencies and in areas, with minimal sun exposure, these estimates can be as high as 90%.

The Best Form of Vitamin D-3 is Sunlight

Most people are unable to get enough exposure to sunlight to provide them with adequate levels of D-3 and living in a sunny climate does not guarantee against vitamin D-3 deficiencies. A high quality D3 Supplement can help replenish you Vitamin D3 levels.

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3. The Role of Vitamin D in Brain Health: A Mini Literature Review

4. Vitamin D and the Immune System

5. Genomic Determinants of Vitamin D-Regulated Gene Expression

6. D3 affects gastric Cancer progression -

7. D3 promotes pancreatic β-cell fitness and viability. -

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