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Are Boomer products the highest level of quality that ensures effectiveness?

Yes, Boomer Products are formulated in facilities using the highest quality ingredients available to ensure the maximum potential of effectiveness.

Can Boomer Boost replace my multi-vitamin?

Yes, Boomer Boost contains not only vitamins and minerals but additionally, amino acids, fatty acids, and specialty nutrients providing a product that is far beyond a regular multi-vitamin.

Can I give Boomer Products to my children?

Yes, but only in very small amounts. Check with your pediatrician prior to giving nutritional supplements of any kind to your children.

Can I put my Youth Booster Kit Products in my “Smoothie”?

Ideally Boomer products should be taken separately from your smoothie, as the many nutrients in both will compete for absorption. Additionally, most people can only utilize 20 grams of protein every two hours. Boomer Boost and Boomer Barley contain the building blocks of protein called amino acids. Taken with your smoothie, you will likely consume more than 20 grams of protein, creating the need for your liver to break down and  eliminate the excess. Some people use the kit as a meal replacement and as a result controlling their appetite and consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

Can I take all of my products in the kit together?

Yes. You can mix the 3 powders and the liquid D-3 drops together in a glass of water and use this liquid to help swallow your Omega 3 pills.

Can I take Boomer Products with my medication?

Yes you can, however, it is important to have your doctor closely monitor you as it is possible that as your overall health improves, your medication will be more effective, and adjustment may be necessary.

How is Boomer Barley different from the barley I can buy at the grocery store?

Unlike the barley you can buy at the grocery store, Boomer Barley is made from sprouted seeds providing 400X the nutritive value. Also Barley from the store will likely contain gluten. Boomer Barley is not available in stores because of the special processing. Barley from the  store will not have the anti aging compound SOD and it will not have metabolic enzymes, or predigested protein.

How much Protein is in Barley Level 1 and Barley Level 2?

This is an important question because people can utilize on average 20 grams of protein every two hours. Any more than this and the liver has to breakdown the excess protein, putting an unnecessary burden on the liver. During the sprouting process, most of the protein in our barley is digested into amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. After being absorbed, these amino acids are used to create human proteins that are coded for in our DNA. Technically, there is 1 gram of un-digested protein in Barley level 1, and 2 grams in Barley level 2- per 4 1/2 teaspoon serving (1-scoop).
However, because of the presence of a large amount of amino acids, that exist in the barley, the effective equivalent of protein in Barley level 1 is 10 grams, and 20 grams in Barley level 2. This is known as Pre-Digested Protein, Your Body Does not have to break it down to utilize it, it just needs to absorb it. Barley level 2 should never be taken with other sources of protein simultaneously, while Barley level 1 can be taken simultaneously with up to 10 grams of protein.


I see you have a Youth Booster Pro Kit. Do I need to take the whole Youth Booster Kit?

Ideally, people should take the whole kit as it has been specially designed to provide comprehensive nutrition. If you leave out one of the products you may be depriving yourself of exactly what you need to attain maximum health.

What are Pro-Biotics and what are their benefits?

Pro-biotic means (good bacteria). The human body is a symbiosis of human and other than human cells. There are good bacteria throughout your body especially in your large intestine and on your skin. Pro-Biotics help extract nutrients from your food and supplements and manufacture your neurotransmitters and as well as boosting your immune system.

What is the difference between Boomer Barley level1 and Boomer Barley level 2?

Barley level 1 and level 2 are very similar with the exception of the concentration of predigested protein. Boomer Barley Level 2 has twice as much predigested protein and is appropriate for people with blood sugar issues, athletes, also people who want to gain muscle weight, and people receiving medical treatments and want to maintain their strength and muscle integrity . Everyone else can take Boomer Barley level 1.

What is the special spouting process that creates Boomer Barley?

Firstly, a density alteration process sifts out all of the dead seeds. Next, all of the seeds are stimulated to sprout at the same time (within two minutes of each other). During the sprouting process, digestive enzymes break the protein down into amino acids, and metabolic enzymes are created. Next, the sprouts are stopped before they become barley grass, so they can be dried while at their maximum potency (400 X the potency of barley grass). Next the sprouts are ground into a powder and the nutrients are stabilized prior to packaging.

What time of day should I take my Youth Booster Pro kit products?

Ideally in the morning as many people derive tremendous energy and if taken in the late afternoon or evening difficulty in sleeping may result.

Why are Omega 3-s so important?

Omega 3-s in the form of EPA and DHA are critical building blocks of human life, particularly your brain which is 60% fat, and is highly dependent on Omega 3-s for efficient functioning. Numerous other organs including your heart are dependent on Omega 3s.

Why do I need nutritional supplements?

Unless you live on an organic farm with perfectly balanced soil and a wide variety of crops, you need to take nutritional supplements. Less than 5% of people in the United States are able to get all of their nutrition form food. Not having adequate nutrition can lead to increased rate of aging and many different diseases.

Why does the Youth Booster Kit give me so much energy?

Energy is created in your mitochondria of your cells in a process called the Krebs cycle. Many different nutrients are required to convert macro nutrients into
ATP (your molecule of energy) all of which are in the Youth Booster Pro Kit.

Why is Vitamin D-3 so important?

Vitamin D-3 is possibly the most important nutrient in the human body. 22% of your genome is expressed by vitamin D-3s derivative. Over 100 different metabolic processes are dependent on vitamin D-3.

Will Boomer Products help too cleanse me internally?

Yes, Boomer Barley will cleanse your intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs and blood. The cleansing can be uncomfortable when done to fast; this is the reason for the incremental increase instructions on the jar.

Will Boomer Products save me money?

Yes, The Boomer Products will save you money. You will save the most money by combining Boomer Products into our Youth Booster Pro-Kit. This will give you comprehensive nutrition in a perfectly balanced package that eliminates the need for other supplements and you will become so well nourished your body will require less food and help with weight control. You will not need to purchase any other nutritional supplements and your Vitamin D is free.

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