A Healthy Lifestyle Is
Easier Than You Think


A Healthy Lifestyle Is
Easier Than You Think

The path to good health isn't the same for everyone and yours may change as you grow over time. To travel down your personal path, take small steps that are right for you, one at a time.

Every step adds up, keep growing and you'll reach your health goals before you know it, and taking it one step at a time keeps you focused and allows you to notice it actually gets easier the further you go.

Finding The
Right Steps For You

Getting healthy is not like taking a pill. In order for you to rebuild your body, you need a boost. Staying healthy doesn't just happen.

You have to make it happen. We will provide the products and assistance you need. You can do the rest by choosing your program and sticking to it.

This is the Breakthrough
You Have Been Waiting For.

See What Our Youth Boosting Kits Can Do For You.

First you will need to remedy ALL of the vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in your diet. There are many multi-vitamin products to choose from, but only one provides EVERYTHING your body requires.

Boomer Boost is the Only Product that combines 70 Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats (Macro-Nutrients), Co-enzymes and other specialty nutrients into one Powerhouse Nutritional and Dietary Supplement. This Product is the Cornerstone of your new health regimen. The Powerhouse, All-In-One powder can help rectify your malnourishment problem by providing comprehensive nutrition to your body.

Now that you know your body will be getting the nutrients it requires on a daily basis, its time to ensure that your intestines are able to absorb all of the nutrients from your Boomer Boost and the foods you eat. Finding a safe, natural product that can provide this benefit has just been made easy.

Boomer Barley can Cleanse, Rebuild, and Revitalize your intestines. Additionally, Boomer Barley will cleanse your kidneys, liver, blood, and lungs. This is a powerful product formulated with the use of numerous patented processes. You will begin absorbing and distributing nutrients again as if you were much younger. Boomer Barley Level 1 and 2 are products like none other in the world.

How Do I Know If I need
Barley Level 1 or Level 2


Who needs Boomer Barley Level 1?

  • People who want to shed extra pounds and avoid building large muscles.
  • People who are low protein eaters, and people who are less active.

Who needs Boomer Barley Level 2?

  • People with blood sugar issues, athletes or people who exercise frequently.
  • People who are receiving medical treatments and want to maintain their strength and muscle integrity.

Both of our Barley Products are very effective and need to be taken exactly as recommended.  You will not graduate from Barley Level 1 to Barley Level 2 Barley, but rather select the Barley level that is best suited for you form the beginning and continue using that product.

Boomer Barley Level 1is designed to cleanse internal organ systems and increase the intestinal tracks ability to absorb nutrients, thus promoting weight loss.

Boomer Barley Level 2 Barley’s extra Pre-Digested Protein can be converted quickly by the body into muscle and provide the nutrients needed by diabetics and individuals with blood-sugar concerns.

Boomer Barley Level 1 and 2 can help people who want to maintain their strength and muscle integrity. Often those who find themselves being treated for serious illnesses can derive amazing benefits from this scientifically and medically researched product. It has even shown to decrease muscle wasting in individuals being treated for some types of medical conditions. Muscle waste is one of the serious perils when receiving certain medical treatments. Boomer Barley Level 2 is the best choice.

Boomer Barley 2 Lends Extra Assistance
For These Individuals

Athletes or people wanting to gain muscle

A serious challenge to our health in the modern world is the lack of nutrients in the soil and thus our food. People can eat large amounts of food and still be malnourished. These two products will help to stabilize that imbalance and help reverse the negative effects that have diminished your body.

Boomers Products
Can be taken separately

Boomer Barley and Boomer Boost can be taken separately, but when taken together the effect is dramatic. When your intestines are absorbing and distributing nutrients properly and comprehensive nutrition is coming in, you can expect incredible improvements in health and vitality. People have commented that they experience the welcome sensation of being completely revitalized.

When putting together any healthy and nutritionally sound plan it is always necessary to evaluate and consider your Vitamin D intake on a weekly, even a daily basis. While Boomer Boost provides a portion of your daily requirement of Vitamin D, the average human being needs a significantly larger dose of the Sunshine Vitamin every single day.

Vitamin D-3
The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D-3 (the Sunshine Vitamin) is vitally important to our health, as over 20% of our genome is expressed through stimulation from D-3. Some people get a lot of sunlight and others get none at all.

Boomers Forever Young has put D-3 in a dropper bottle so people can get the amount they need, but not too much.

Exploring the New Science
of Bio-Genomics

The new science of Bio-Genomics tells us that our bodies are 1/10th human and 90% Bacteria, Parasite, Fungi, and Viruses. We are a dynamic inter-related symbiosis and imbalances can easily occur. Consuming good bacteria through foods or supplements assures that the proper balance is maintained.

Boomer Pro-Biotics with just a half teaspoon a day will keep you positively balanced and give you more energy. Some of the over 10 Quadrillion cells that make up your human bio-genome are beneficial while others are harmful. The good news is that good bacteria (Pro-Biotics) consume bad bacteria. Maintaining a homeostasis between the good and the bad is a crucial part of optimal health. Other good news is that you can load up on good bacteria by taking a Pro-Biotic supplement.

While there are many goods and services a person can utilize while looking for perfect health or optimal wellness, having the formula that optimally benefits the human body already in place, offers an amazing value. Having the combination of nutritional products and services offered in a concise, comprehensive package will not only save you time each day but saves you untold amounts of money.

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