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Why Can't You Focus?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

By Danna Norek


Two of the biggest concerns adults report when it comes to cognitive and emotional well-being are mood swings and inability to focus. 

There are days where our ability to laser-focus on a task or projects seems unwavering and our emotions seem to be steadfast.

And then there are those days where you feel scattered and unproductive, unable to collect your thoughts – and often also paired with this is a mood that is less than desirable.

In most cases, you can directly link these fits of mood instability and lack of ability to focus to the nutrients that you are consuming (or not consuming) in your diet. That’s because when it comes to emotions and concentration, you really “are what you eat”.

Food and the nutrients within the food we eat is the very fuel that makes our brains function as flawlessly as possible.  

When you’re putting low grade fuel in your body in the form of junk food or excessive sugar or fat, your brain functions at a lower level, and your emotions are often going to be rocky as well.

Just like a car, your brain needs the right nourishment to function both emotionally and cognitively at peak levels. 

Ciltep is a natural Nootropic that combines artichoke extract and forskolin to naturally induce long-term potentiation. Ciltep is a healthy way to stay focused, alert and motivated for hours.

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