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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

by: Isabelle Z.

Taking B vitamin supplements can help older people who are experiencing memory problems and the effects get even better if you pair B vitamins with omega-3s.

At the study’s inception, researchers tested each participant to measure their level of cognition, and blood tests were administered to determine their levels of DHA and EPA, two omega-3 fatty acids that are typically found in oily fish.  The first group was given a B-vitamin supplement and the other received a placebo pill.

The researchers found that the B vitamins were quite effective at stopping cognitive decline in participants who had high baseline levels of omega-3 compared to the placebo.

Next, researchers would like to study whether combining B vitamins with Omega-3 supplements has the power to slow a person’s progression from MCI to dementia, which would be a significant step forward in finding a way to prevent Alzheimer’s.

While supplementation is one route they could take, there are also great dietary sources people can turn to. According to the NHS, you can find vitamin B6 in a wide range of foods such as eggs, vegetables, peanuts, pork, and poultry. 

Pantothenic acid, another B vitamin, is found in nearly every meat and vegetable, while vitamin B3 – also known as niacin – is present in fish, eggs, milk and meat. 

Good sources of thiamin, or vitamin B1, include peas, fruit, and eggs, while consuming rice, eggs and milk is a great way to get riboflavin, or vitamin B2. As you can see, these are all easily obtainable and affordable foods.

Boomer Boost contains all of the B vitamins,macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) and micro nutrients (vitamins, and minerals, co-enzymes and specialty nutrients) which allows your body to replenish the vital nutrients that are depleted by the aging process and feel great!

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