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The What And Why Of ProBiotics

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What are Pro-Biotics? 


Taken from the Greek Term, “For Life”, Pro-Biotics are the beneficial living micro-organisms that live within our (alimentary canal/gastrointestinal tract) to support digestive health, 

along with the billions of microbes that inhabit our skin to provide a defensive barrier from viruses and invasive microorganisms.

Why Pro-Biotics are Important

Scientists estimate that our bodies contain approximately 100 trillion bacteria – that’s more than 10 times the number of human cells we have throughout our entire bodies.

The bacteria living within our (alimentary canal/gastrointestinal tract) is known as our microflora and they assist in the digestive function of breaking down foods to allow for the nutrient absorption needed to create energy. 

These same living micro-organisms also help strengthen our Immune systems and provide protection form virus’ and invasive disease-causing pathogens.

In fact, 80 percent of our entire immune system is located in our digestive tract! 

Why use Boomer Premium Probiotics?

Our unique formulation process utilizes multiple strains of good bacteria, high-quality dietary fiber aka (Pre-Biotics), and positive yeast.

These all-natural ingredients are fortified with nutrient dense mineral water and then prepared through our proprietary 3-month fermentation process, to create hundreds of ready made bio available metabolites. 

Your body will be able to immediately utilize these metabolites to better facilitate the biochemical reactions within your cells for more accurate intercellular communication to efficiently complete all of metabolic pathways needed for optimal health.

Boomer Premium Probiotics are a therapeutic powerhouse with the power bolster your immune system, balance your microflora, to let your body hum with efficiency and energy.

For more information on Boomer Premium Probiotics or to get your supply click on the image below:

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