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The Brain and Gut Connection

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

 In addition to supporting our digestive systems and immune defense, the microflora throughout our digestive tract communicates with our brain through a vast network of neurons known as the Enteric Nervous System or brain gut axis.

 This brain gut axis is often called our second brain.

This second brain in our gut communicates with the brain in our head in order to regulate physiological processes, provide feedback about how hungry we are, and reacts when we are under stress, triggering what is know as a “gut feeling”.

Additionally, this brain gut axis influences serotonin and dopamine production, (the “feel-good”) neurotransmitters that 

contribute to our feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

An imbalance of bacteria in the microflora of our intestinal tract can increase our feelings of stress, depression and anxiety, weaken our immune systems.

Maintaining a bacterial balance with your microflora is essential to your good health.

The best-known available source of “good” bacteria is probiotics.

Boomer Premium Probiotics are a therapeutic powerhouse with the power bolster your immune system, balance your micro-flora, to let your body hum with efficiency and energy.

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