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JUST REVEALED!...The True Origin of Boomers Gladiator Barley!

Friday, December 07, 2018

By: Ron Daudelin

Imagine having the Power, Strength, and Stamina of a Gladiator…Ready to conquer your world with 100% confidence.

Revered for their athletic abilities, and legendary for their exceptional strength, these elite athletes were known throughout the Roman Empire as “Hordarii” or” Barley Eaters”.


A 1993 excavation and chemical analysis of Gladiator remains confirmed that they were indeed Barley Eaters!

First cultivated over 10,000 years ago, this ancient grain provided the nutrients needed to fuel the Gladiators to superior levels of health and fitness, allowing them to achieve greatness.

And it can do the same for you…..and more!

Revival of an Ancient Seed:

Long lost for over 1000 years this, special barley was unavailable to us Until Now!

Through the miracle of modern science, Gladiator Barley lives Again!

Now you too can experience the nutritional Power and Energy the Gladiators needed to survive.

How is this Possible?

Through the miracle of modern science, we are now able to revive the same Ancient barley seeds that propelled the Gladiators to greatness, and scientifically multiply its power and effectiveness by a factor of 400.

Making our Amazing Gladiator Barley a Nutritional Powerhouse the likes of which have never been seen.

*People who use Gladiator Barley report astonishing improvements in their health, strength, enthusiasm…their very life.

Ancient Seeds to Benefit Modern Man

Through our exclusive scientifically advanced sprouting process known as Growth Enhancement Method, or (G.E.M.), we are able sprout every 100% organic, non-GMO barley seed at the same time. This is extremely important, because this method produces sprouts that the same consistent biological profile.

This process allows us to capture and utilize the nutrients in the sprouted barley seeds at the peak of their nutritional value, making Gladiator Barley 400 times more nutritionally powerful than other plant-based supplements.

 Sprouting the seeds promotes digestibility through enzymic activity which breaks down the starches within the seed’s endosperm, making them tolerable for most people with glucose sensitivities.

There has never been anything like this in the history of the world!

Be ready to be transformed into a life filled with strength, energy, optimism and enthusiasm.

This Barley is Going to Rock Your World!

To build strength and endurance, the human body requires ample amounts of amino acids and metabolic enzymes.


Because the protein required for strength and endurance, is made when amino acids are assembled together by metabolic enzymes.

Gladiator Barley is the Greatest Source of amino acids and enzymes known to man

The Metabolic enzymes and predigested protein are the magic combo that catalyzes the human body to create 100,000 different proteins, manifesting the miracle of life.

Gladiator Barley has an abundant supply of both of the metabolic enzymes and amino acids your body needs to become a highly efficient protein-making machine.

Thriving in a Toxic World

In today’s modern world, toxins abound, and human bodies are laden with pollution of every type.

The accumulation of toxins can increase cellular damage throughout our bodies causing:

  • increased the levels of inflammation

  • unhealthy cell production and incomplete DNA replication

  • muscle deterioration, osteoporosis, arthritis

  • and weakened immune systems

These combined damaging effects, can accelerate our rate of aging making us more vulnerable to sickness and disease.

Gladiator Barley contains a multitude of anti-oxidants and features the worlds only Stabilized Source of the Powerful Antioxidant called Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD).

Super Oxide Dismutase, known as the “Master Anti-Oxidant”, is a powerful enzyme that eliminates the effects of the Free Radical Super Oxide, and can repair cellular damage caused by free radicals.

***Thus, slowing your rate of aging allowing your body to Thrive with Efficiently.

Experience Gladiator Strength!

Imagine your excitement, and feelings of empowerment, and wellbeing, as the combination of nutrients, anti-oxidants, and life-giving proteins in Gladiator Barley work synergistically to unlock your body’s ability to rapidly cleanse, repair, and rebuild itself at the cellular level so you can experience:

  • Increased levels of strength

  • Abundant energy

  • Increased Stamina

  • Renewed Optimism

  • And Increased productivity to accomplish your goals

Once used to power the Gladiators to Extraordinary levels of Health and Strength

Gladiator Barley scientifically transforms this ancient seed into the world’s most dynamic supplement with the power to put your body into a state of robust health so you can achieve your greatest dreams.

You Can Be Become Gladiator Strong!

For more information or to get your supply click on the image below:

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