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Do YOU Have Chronic Inflammation?

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Inflammation levels that are measured in your body correspond to your ability to live a long and healthy life.

Chronic inflammation can be the result of a malfunctioning, over-reactive immune system, or it may be due to an underlying issue that your body is attempting to fight off.

But many of these "issues" are actually rooted in an unhealthy (inflammatory) diet and lack of exercise.

In contrast to acute inflammation, chronic inflammation typically will not produce symptoms until actual loss of function occurs somewhere. This is because chronic inflammation is low-grade and systemic, often silently damaging your tissues over an extended period of time.

This process can go on for years without you noticing, until a disease suddenly sets in. Since chronic inflammation tends to be "silent," how can you determine if inflammation is brewing in your body?

Clinical tests used to determine inflammation levels include:

  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP) test, which measures a protein found in your body that signals responses to any forms of inflammation
  • ESR (sed rate) test, which checks for non-specific indicators of inflammation

But you can also use your fasting blood insulin level to gauge inflammation.  Although this test is typically used to screen for diabetes, it's also a marker for inflammation.

Typically the higher your fasting insulin levels are, the higher your levels of inflammation tend to be. 

Diet and Exercise Are the Primary Ways to Combat Chronic Inflammation

Avoiding processed foods, which are high in inflammatory ingredients such as refined sugars and processed fats like trans fats and vegetable oils, and getting regular movement and exercise are two of the most potent ways to help normalize your insulin levels and avoid insulin resistance.

Diet accounts for about 80 percent of the health benefits you reap from a healthy lifestyle, and keeping inflammation in check is a major part of these benefits. It's important to realize that dietary components can either trigger or prevent inflammation from taking root in your body.

If you have not already addressed your diet, this would be the best place to start, regardless of whether you're experiencing symptoms of chronic inflammation or not.

But diet is not the only component that will have a profound impact on your health and longevity...

It's really about addressing your total lifestyle, and physical activity is a major component of that.

Evidence suggests chronic sitting is an independent risk factor for insulin resistance and an early death – even if you eat right, exercise regularly and are very fit; even a professional or Olympic level athlete.

So, avoiding sitting as much as possible, ideally striving to sit for less than three hours a day.

The second step is to walk more...

Aim for 7,000 to10,000 steps a day. Use a fitness tracker to make sure you're meeting your goal. Next, you'll want to incorporate a more regimented fitness routine, and while virtually any exercise is better than none, high intensity exercises are the most potent.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective and efficient ways to capture and maximize the benefits exercise has to offer. Some of the latest research into the benefits of HIIT involves myokines, a class of cell-signaling proteins produced by muscle fibers that offer potent protection against metabolic syndrome — conditions including, high blood sugar and blood pressure that raises your risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

The easiest way to ensure your diet is as anti-inflammatory as possible is to simply eat REAL FOOD.  Beyond that, it's simply a matter of learning which foods tend to provide the greatest anti-inflammatory benefits and what gaps in your diet may need to be filled by a nutritional supplement.

Boomer Barley contains active Superoxide Dismutase which does an amazing job of gobbling up excess inflammation through out the body and lessening your risk of chronic inflammation and disease.

Boomer Boost is a precisely formulated nutritional supplement designed to provide complete nutrition and help fill nutrient gaps that exist in your diet so you can rebuild the damage caused by inflammation more efficiently and completely.


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