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Cooking with Lignans & 9 Reasons why you Should

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Current research shows flax seeds to be a “super food”, and, additionally, when flax seeds are added to your diet, there are many health benefits.

However, it turns out the hull of this little seed is a real power house and contains a substance called “lignans” which is a plant compound with some really amazing benefits for your health.

We thought it might be beneficial to list 

9 GREAT reasons for people to use Lignans as part of their health regime.


1. Lignans with their anti-inflammatory properties can help lower the risk of heart disease by decreasing blood cholesterol and blood pressure

2. Lignans may help prevent breast cancer by decreasing the amount of estrogen receptors which trigger cancer cell growth.

3. Lignans can provide menopausal support by reducing hot flashes and stabilizing mood levels

4. Lignans can promote weight loss

5. Lignans can help control diabetes by improving blood sugar levels.

6. Lignans can improve prostate health and reduce the number of bathroom trips during the night leading to more restful sleep.

7. Lignans have been shown to improve bone density for both women and men.

8. Lignans can help to make hair stronger, shinier and thicker.

9. Lignans support digestive health.

You're probably saying...

Great, Lignans are REALLY Healthy but how do I add them to my regular diet?”.

Well Here are some great serving suggestions that we have developed and tried that will help you infuse these amazing gifts from nature into your regular diet.

Most of our clients add Boomer Lignans to their Barley and Boost in their morning beverage. However, Here are a few more interesting ways to add them to your diet.

One recipe called for adding a scoop of Boomer Lignans to eggs and milk and using them to make French Toast. The result is a crunchy coating with a “nut like” flavor.

Another way to use Boomer Lignans is to add a scoopful to hot cereal such as Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. This is a nice way to begin the day on cool fall and winter mornings.

What about making Boomer Lignans an ingredient in baked goods such as banana bread, oatmeal raisin cookies or yummy date or apricot muffins? You might feel less guilty about eating these items knowing you're getting the healthful benefits of Lignans in every bite.

Finally, you might just sprinkle Boomer Lignans on your morning toast with honey or even peanut butter.

What a great way to start your day!

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