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Boost Metabolism and Good Bacteria, Use Prebiotics

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tuesday, March 06, 2018 by: Frances Bloomfield 

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that are most known for nourishing gut bacteria. These can be found in cereals, grains, firm bananas, and legumes — most of which we’re told to eat plenty of on a daily basis. In fact, as a team of investigators from Kobe University has discovered, even small amounts of prebiotics can be highly beneficial to your health.

For the purposes of their study, which was published in Scientific Reports, the researchers first created in vitro batch fermentation systems to which they introduced fecal samples obtained from eight healthy volunteers. All of the volunteers were non-smokers who were in good physical condition, had no history of diabetes, kidney or liver disease, and weren’t taking dietary fiber supplements. The human colonic micro-biota model, which the team dubbed the Kobe University Human Intestinal Micro biota Model (KUHIMM), was described as being highly effective at examining the human digestive tract, thus allowing them to observe the effects of prebiotics on bifidobacteria.

To the KUHIMM they added low doses (six grams) of three different prebiotics: indigestible dextrin, alpha-cyclodextrin, and dextran. Through gene sequence analysis, the researchers discovered that low amounts of prebiotics had no impact on the diversity nor the composition of colonic micro-biota. However, there was a notable increase in the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), as well as a reduction in colonic pH levels due to generation of SCFAs and ammonia. Thus, the researchers concluded that the addition of prebiotics could stimulate the metabolism of gut bacteria.

A human intervention study confirmed their findings. For this, the investigators recruited four participants who were given all three of the prebiotics over the course of several days. Fecal samples collected from the volunteers exhibited the same results, namely, that prebiotics had no significant effects on gut bacteria composition. (Related: Your probiotics might not be enough unless you’re also taking Prebiotics, expert warns.)

The KUHIMM was able to capture an increase in SCFA production due to increased metabolic activity of human colonic micro-biota, with no accompanying alteration in microbial composition, in response to a low-dosage supply of prebiotics,” the researchers wrote in their study. “These results suggest that the positive effect of prebiotics seen in vitro using our human colonic micro-biota model can be achieved also in-vivo in human subjects upon administration of six g of prebiotics per day, although increased SCFA production is difficult to detect in the human intestine.

This amount represents a realistic intake and does not pose a burden on a person’s eating habits.”

Experts recommend consuming foods that are naturally rich in prebiotics. 

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