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Be Yourself, But Be Your BEST Self

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Putting your best self forward and keeping yourself on track is not only a goal but an exercise that we must practice everyday.

The thing about putting your Best Self forward is that you are ever evolving there fore your Best Self is an entity that is evolving with you.

In order to know what parts of yourself are the best to put forward you must experience the good and the bad parts of yourself and have the knowledge to discern the difference. It is in the experience or practice of putting your best self forward in all that you do that we grow and evolve into the Best you can Be.

Through interactions with Friends, Co-Workers, Even people you pass on the Street...We grow and change and learn the Needs that we have and how to fulfill those needs for yourself and others. Things like needs for support, connection and appreciation. By practicing these things by giving them to others, you foster a connection with them and in a way create a vision for the ideal or Best YOU you can be. By providing these Needs for others you Begin the Circle that will ultimately bring the fulfillment of those Needs in your life, Back to you.

By putting your best self forward you are ultimately Putting YOU out there, and that can be scary! That is why individuals tend to present a version of themselves that is guarded or not genuine. Past experiences and prior interactions have determined the Version of you that you Present, and sometimes that version isn't the Best You but it's the Best you can do.

The challenge here is not to change you but begin to learn what parts of you are comfortable with putting out there and ultimately learning to OWN those parts that make you YOU and present them to others in a way that is genuine and real.

An exercise to help keep you centered:

Stand on one foot and swing the other foot back and forth, front to back. Start out slowly and work up to a medium pace. Once you are comfortable on one foot switch feet and perform the same swinging motion with the other foot.

After you are comfortable with that begin to swing your arms at the same time.

The entire time you are doing this focus on staying centered and in control. After practicing this exercise for a while you will find it fairly easy to perform and very helpful to use when you are starting to feel out of balance in your life!

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