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Barley Eating Gladiators

Friday, March 24, 2017

Throughout History Roman Gladiators have been known for their fierce fighting abilities, muscular physiques, strong bones, and their Barley based diets, so much so that they were known throughout the Roman Empire as “Horderii” or” Barley Eaters”.   

The rigors of physical training and continuous combat demanded of Gladiators required them to have a diet that supported superior cardiovascular health, exceptional bone strength, and quick healing recovery.     

Rather than bulking up on meat and animal protein, Gladiators relied on the amino acids and nutrients provided by a barley rich diet to sustain them and to meet their demanding nutritional needs.

Remarkable Discoveries

In 1993 an excavation of a Gladiator graveyard found near the ancient Roman city of Ephesus (in modern day Turkey) led to the discovery of 22 sets of gladiator remains.

When scientists from the University of Bern’s Anthropology Department conducted a chemical analysis of the bones of the 22 Barley Eating Gladiators, they found that all sets of the remains were high in strontium which allowed them to develop exceptional bone density that was twice the density found in the bone of ordinary Ephesians.


Ancient Barley Seed Line

Although barley was beneficial to the ancients as a food staple 2000 years ago, modern man has since rediscovered the nutritional value of barley and has amplified its effectiveness.  Boomer Barley Plus (formerly Level 2) shares the same ancient organic seed line that provided vital nutrients to the Roman Gladiators.

Not all Barley is Created Equal

The most important thing to know about buying barley is that all barley is not the same.  The barley that you may be accustomed to seeing in the supermarket is often processed to remove the fiber rich bran layer and the inner endosperm layer that contains most of the nutrients, enzymes and amino acids.  The barley consumed by the ancient era Gladiators was pure, organic, unprocessed, and full of life sustaining nutrients.  

Our Exclusive Sprouting Process Ensures Maximum Potency and Effectiveness

Our scientists developed an exclusive agricultural process that allows us to sprout all of the organic barley seeds simultaneously and then suspend the germination process right before the sprouted seeds morph into blades of barley grass.   

This process allows us to capture then utilize the nutrients in the sprouted barley seeds at the peak of their nutritional value, making Boomer Barley Plus 400 times more nutritious than post sprouted plant material.    

Additionally, our unique sprouting process creates abundant metabolic enzymes, amino acids, pre-digested protein, and the “Master Anti-Oxidant” Super Oxide Dismutase, transforming this once ancient food staple into the Super Food of Tomorrow

Barley in Modern Times

Though the barley rich diet of Gladiators arose out of necessity, today we know the details of how the nutrients in barley effect us at the cellular level.  Scientist discovered that barley not only supports the cardiovascular system and strong bone health, research indicates that barley provides numerous health benefits throughout the entire body, and has been proven to support:

Boomer Barley Plus Health Benefits

  • Improved Muscle Strength

  • Increased Bone Density

  • Increased Nutrient Absorption

  • Boosted Metabolism

  • Lower Cholesterol

  • Digestive/Intestinal Health

  • Higher Red and White Blood Cell Counts

  • Natural Weight Loss

  • Improved Stamina

  • Natural Detoxification

Through Extensive Research, and our Exclusive Sprouting Processes, we are able to transform this Ancient Seed into The Most Scientifically Advanced Barley Nutrition Product Available to You Today

Boomer Barley Plus is Pure, Organic, Vegan, Raw, and GMO Free...To Get More Details or Buy Your Supply of Boomer Barley Plus Click the Picture Below.


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