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Avoiding Summer Nutritional Hazards

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Summer is in full swing and you’re busy. You might have kids out of school, or vacations to plan.  There may be backyard barbeques to attend, or out of town visitors to entertain, any number of the fun things that make summers great.

The 12 week flurry of activity that is summer is something most of look forward to every winter. However, the busy summer months can play havoc with your diet and nutritional needs routine of healthy eating.

It’s not uncommon during summer that our meal choices might gravitate towards the “quick and easy” rather than prepping and cooking healthy meals in a hot kitchen.

Often our summer meal choices might include quick “pop in” processed foods, outdoor grilled meats, or if you’re real busy, even fast food might become an option.   Summer also tends to increase the amount of sugary drinks we consume.  Lemonade, soda, sweet tea, and sports drinks are often loaded with sugar in various forms.

These typical summer eating trends, though often associated with busy fun times, can increase the amount of toxins entering and being stored inside your body.

As a result, these eating patterns can lead to increased blood sugar levels.

When these extra sugar molecules in your blood stream combine with proteins it creates free radicals called superoxide.  This super Oxide damages tissues throughout the body and accelerates the aging process.

To read about the harmful effects of Superoxide you can view the following text:   

Super Oxide Dismutase has the ability to mitigate super oxide and cover up some of the sins of summer time eating.

Boomer Barley contains stabilized Superoxide Dismutase and over 4000 other compounds that will help detoxify replenish and rebuild your body at the cellular level.

For more information and to purchase your supply please click on images below:


(Formerly Level 1)                                                                             (Formerly Level 2) 

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