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Radio Interview with Bob Gilpatrick of Boomers Forever Young (transcript)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

        This evening Bob Gilpatrick of Boomers Forever Young is on the line. He is going to join us and Bob will be talking about holistic nutrition and anti-aging strategies including oxidative stress and superoxide dismutase, telomeres and the effect of stress and poor diet, DNA, and genetic expression, and the collection of the nocebo of aging, and right now we have Bob Gilpatrick is joining us from Florida. Bob how are you and thank you so much for coming on this evening!

Hi there Phoenix I'm doing really well and the pleasure is all mine how have you been doing ?


Doing Well, it's cold up here today, it's like five degrees right now, but you know that aside from that,  I have to tell you a lot of our listeners are very happy that you're coming back on.  You’re going to basically be restarting this series that you started months ago, and filling in some of the gaps and bringing everybody up to speed.


 For people who aren't familiar with Bob Gilpatrick and Boomers, you can click on the Boomers ad over on going global east meets west on the left hand side, you'll see where it says Vibrate Anew and check out all the products and free stuff that Bob has.  It is just fascinating the anti-aging advances that they made, and then how this is all coming together I am so impressed.


 I will have to tell you, just a disclaimer here, I use the Boomer products and I love it! I use the Boomer Boost, I use the Boomer Barley... and lots of other things, we use all types of the products... and oh the flax seed lignans, oh it was on the tip of my tongue, flax seed lignans, which is really good but, anyway Bob thank you again for starting this whole thing and why don't you go ahead and introduce, reintroduce yourself who is Bob Gilpatrick? What is Boomer's? How do you get started? What is it all about?


OK, sure, I'll be happy to, if I get to long winded let me know.

 I am 58 yrs old and started working when I was about 14 yrs old on farms and as I got to be about 16 or 17.  I was old enough and lucky enough to be able to work at Cornell University's agriculture research center which is a very large center which was set about 60 miles away from the main campus of Cornell. 


My father was a world renowned plant scientist and was a Professor of Plant Pathology at Cornell and specialized in Plant Research.  I got to hang out there and work there for my summer job, and after school I got to meet all the scientists and who discovered pheromones when I was working there.  When I was a teenager, I used to play basketball with the man who discovered Pheromones.  As I got older I was still interested in Plants and Science and Health and Nutrition, so in college I majored in Education in Health Science in Undergraduate school, and later on did part of a Masters degree in Health science.  Later I started a different Masters program that specialized in gerontology, the study of aging.


 I later became a professor of Gerontology at Pace University in New York and spent lots of time as an administrator and CEO of Health care organizations that took care of people who were elderly and we got a lot of research grants for those institutions where we studied all different types of alternative medicine and its effect on aging and health.


 During that time I studied at different institutes of alternative medicine and nutrition and got to know lot really interesting scientist that would come to help with our physicians to treat patients at our facility and I later became my own small practice helping people using my different degrees and skills, helping people with stress management and nutrition.  I ended up doing that full time for a while.  I actually spend some time at the Alexandria Institute of Integrative Medicine with therapist Ellie Krieger who is a nutritionist and we helped lots of people from all over the world with her skills.


 I came to Florida about 8 years ago when I was 50 years old. I was working on different projects and helping people one at a time with holistic health therapy, and I ended up meeting a man named Larry Daudelin who commissioned me to work on a computer project at one of his businesses.


 Larry had a lot of different health issues at that time. He was 65 years old, 50 pounds overweight, was on 11 medications, he had high cholesterol and was scheduled for 3 different surgeries that he needed.  I started talking to him about his health, letting him know that there may be alternatives to what he was up too, and so he agreed to let me start helping him and he started getting better. 


Right away he started to lose weight and the inflammation in his body started to go down.  I was piecing together a nutrition regime for him that included nutrition products from different companies around the country and it worked really well.  


He de-aged significantly, he lost 50 pounds, and he cancelled the surgeries he had scheduled, and after six months time he was off of all of his medications. 

We would test his blood work from time to time to see how he was doing, and most recently he had blood work done by a life insurance company when he was  getting a life insurance policy, and they thought that he was 33 years old.  He just turned sixty nine years old last week and the last blood test was done like maybe 2 months ago. 


At one point Larry said to me, “ Don’t you think there's a way  that we can make this more simplified and combine things together,  and you and I put together a company where we can help a lot more people instead of just me, and the a few other people that you're working with”? , and so I agreed to do it, and was right around four years ago now that we created Boomers Forever Young. 



 The name for the company was Larry's idea and I like it, and so that's what we chose, and we started working with scientists and formulators and coming up with an overall plan of how we would make it really easy for anyone who wanted to experience with Larry did, to be able to de-age and become extremely healthy. We wanted to do it an affordable way where people could easily understand it and get the stuff that they needed. So that's what we were able to accomplish over a period of almost 4 years. 


It's been a couple of years where we had things streamlined and going where it's really easy now for people to be able to experience the same kind of thing that Larry did.


That's kind of how we got started, and  along the way we're different we were introduced to different scientist that we hadn’t know before that  were able to give us new technologies that fit together with our overall plan and made them 10x better. We still have relationships with those people today and we purchase products from them and mix them together with other products, and get their advice on different cases, and also work together with them to develop new products as well.


I’m going to talk about aging in particular and how people actually age as opposed to some of the things you might see that might have

other motives behind the information.   I’m going to tell  exactly what happens  with aging,  if there is really anything that we can actually do about it  to reverse our aging and make sure we live a long healthy life.  I’m going to go over the different  aspects of aging, which  are no longer theories of aging, but actually scientifically proven stuff,  and then also talk about the Breakthroughs that have occurred over the past couple of years that we have been able to make available to people to take advantage of the recent discoveries. 


In regard to aging, there's a few different aspects to aging that are the main reasons why people age.   I'll talk about each one and then what we can do about it.  First, one reason which is probably the most important is the whole issue of oxidative stress. 

Human beings are similar to a log that's burning in a fire, and overtime the log burns up and it gives off waste products.  A log can burn really fast, or I can burn very slow and tempered and efficiently. 

Human beings are the same way.  Some humans burn up really fast and some of them live much longer and burn up slower.  It depends on a lot of things including genetics, but more so, it’s dependent upon stress and your diet, and that's what is referred to as the oxidative stress aspect of aging. Then there’s what’s called oxidants, which are molecules that are produced inside your body that create this Burning effect. 

There is this main one called Superoxide, and superoxide is very simply, two oxygen molecules that are bonded together and they're very hyper. They're like little hot coals in a way, and they are produced in every cell of your body and they need to combine with something.

So, if you can imagine like sparks flying up off of  the log in the fire, and if one of those sparks was to land on your skin it would burn you, well with that a similar thing to that is happening in every cell of your body continuously throughout the day and night.

Those little superoxide molecules are what is burning you up, and that is essentially what oxidative stress is.


 There are other oxidants also, but the primary one in your body is this superoxide.  The human  body makes an enzyme and it is called superoxide dismutase, and that enzyme is responsible for seeking out and eliminating these superoxide molecules and if not for having superoxide dismutase being made by your body you would burn up very quickly,  probably in just a few years. 


Your body makes this superoxide dismutase which is like Pac-Man molecule that goes around and watches for superoxide and neutralizes it so I can’t damage you.  It doesn't get all of it, and as you age you make less superoxide dismutase and so the superoxide tends to burn you up faster and faster and faster as you age. That's why people age faster as they get older. 


So a person between 20 and 25 doesn’t  really age perceptibly, the other person sometimes you'll see a person who is 65 and you don’t  see them for 5 years and when you see them like “oh my goodness” they've aged a real lot,  and I guess they have, their aging faster.


 One of the Holy Grails of anti-aging science and commerce is to be able to get super oxide dismutase in a form that people can take by mouth, that will add to their stores of superoxide dismutase thus slowing down this burn that is going on inside your body. 


So people for many many years have been trying to formulate things with a lot of SOD,  including The Life Extension Foundation just came out with a new product that they made from rye seeds that has SOD in it , and so that was one of the things that we had been watching for when we were monitoring the different scientists and the producers of products,  and we were extremely fortunate when we discovered the scientist from Canada that makes are sprouted barley seeds.

He was introduced to us by our friend who was working on a joint project up there when they were trying to mitigate water pollution in the oil sands /tar sands,   and we got a call from Alan and he said “Hey you got to have to meet this man Ken, who’s got an incredible product up here you need to hear about it.


 So we called him up and spoke to him and lo and behold, he had made a number of different scientific discoveries and invented a number of different devices that allowed him to produce a product that was completely loaded with superoxide dismutase, so much of it is in fact that you had to be in an extremely careful how much of it that you took because you can actually overdose on SOD.  It tends to detoxify your body once it scavenges up all the super oxide, it looks for other toxins to bind to and neutralize.  And so it moves toxins out of your body really fast then you have to take this sprouted barley powder very very slowly in order not to over dose yourself with SOD. 


One of the things that he explained to us was  SOD actually is in a number of different compounds and people put it in the pill form in and do sell it at the health food stores,  but unfortunately SOD has a half-life of less than 10 minutes and, so by the  time you actually get the product at the store there's only trace amounts of that left and not enough to make any discernible effect. 

We were  happy to hear that one of his patents was on a process he calls the nutrient stabilization process where he is able to not only stabilize the SOB but supercharger it.  So that's one of the aspects of the sprouted barley seeds that we have access to and are the Distributors for the United States for that product and what happens is when you want to find out what your rate of the inflammation is in your body that is really good marker on for that and it's called C-reactive protein can you can actually get a blood test that will measure your level of C-reactive protein and it's a very good indicator of your potential for having a heart attack because of the inflammation but it's also the main indicator  of the level of the inflammation in your body.

 The average person it measures at around two,  it kind of goes from about one-and-a-half up to 5 if you're up at 5,  you have tons of inflammation and you you're going to be in trouble,   so what we did as part of our research, is we tested Larry's level of the C- reactive protein right before he started taking the barley product and we gave it to him slowly over time and increased in the last time we tested his level it was that point at .27 which is right around one-tenth the rate of burn of the average person.

(PHOENIX)Now the barley product that you talked about, and the process, you say he has pattens on this and  that it's a unique thing that only he does and it's only available through Boomers,  this Barley product. what's so special about it, and what does he do with it just like a regular barley you can get anywhere? I mean if that's the case how can you patent something like that? What is this special process they came up with?  Why is it so special and why is it that he was able to get all those that SOD out of barley when others weren’t?  Bob Gipatrick : Ken is an agricultural scientist primarily, and he spends lots of time with seeds and plants and fertilizers and bacteria and his whole goal is to with his research is to come up with things that will dramatically assist the health of people. That's his mission in life and so he's always doing research and doing research with his friends and he has a very wide network of really cool people that gets help from, and what he figured out how to do, was he figured out how to sprout seeds all at the same time.  He can take a whole processing plant filled with barley seeds or another type of seeds, and he can make all the seeds sprout within two minutes of each other.  Thats one of those one of his discoveries. 

The reason that's important is that seeds, as they sprout go through a metamorphosis.  At the beginning there's a lot of protein in the seed and lot of digestive enzymes and those enzymes digest the protein and render it into amino acids and also the seed produces a lot of a SOD, and produces a lot of metabolic enzymes,  thousands of different ones and essentially what it's doing, is preparing itself to create a blade of grass.

 Also, what Ken does, is just before that Sprout is going to become a blade of grass it is at its peak of nutritional potential and he has a device that stops the Sprouts from sprouting and he puts them in the state of suspense and never allows them to become grass, because during the process of becoming grass it lose a lot of their nutrients and potential because of the metamorphosis.  He knew that Sprouts had if you got them at the right time, would have about 400 times the potency of the grass that they were going to become,

so that's what he did.


If you  go to the health food store and you buy a green drink that has barley grass or weaker as it has a certain efficacy of  potency , the sprouted seeds are right around 400 times that potency,  so you can use them therapeutically,  you can use them to help people with all different kinds of things.  Then he stabilizes the nutrients and then let them dry out naturally, and then he grinds it with a grinding stone, and then you know it becomes powder that you can mix in water and drink.

 So, we're able to use it to help people that need to reduce their inflammation, we can use it to help who need to balance out on their hormones,  and people with blood sugar issues, tend to respond really well to it especially the level two.  There are two levels of Boomer Barley, and level 2 has double the amount of protein, and so people with blood sugar issues tend to do really well. 

The other people that do they benefit greatly from The Barley or if someone who is going through medical treatments and have a lot of muscle wasting.  When people take this barley product, level 2 barley, they can maintain their muscle mass while they're going through their treatments and can end up tolerating many more treatments and have a much better chance of beating the disease.


That's how the barley is made,  and so when you give it to people they have to start by taking only half a teaspoon a day in a glass of water and you have to do that for the whole first week before you can switch to taking one teaspoon.  Then a week later you can go up to another one, then another one, and another one, then once you get up to the full dose we can send people a scoop that's the full dose and they come right in with the jar,  but you have to ease into it.  Some people do you experience detoxing that they notice,  and people on some people will lose five or six pounds the first couple of weeks,  because they're losing water weight that they don't need that's trapped inside their cells. 

Also,  down here in Florida and  other places,  there is a lot of black mold, and people at certain points during taking the barley,  that black mold will decide that it's going to leave your body and It will come out through your skin.

Both Larry and I having been in Florida for a while had that experience,  before we realize that we have ruined a couple of white shirts because the mold that come right out of our bodies and got into the shirts.

 We couldn't get it out.   But it was a welcome thing to be detoxing, but that's the kind of stuff that can happen.  It works incredibly well and it's very very nourishing, because all those metabolic enzymes that are in there are the same enzymes that the human body needs in order to build proteins. 

Plants and humans use the same metabolic enzymes and it makes it so that people that are older that are not making those enzymes,  as well anymore,  all of a sudden now , when you take in by mouth it's like okay,  now we can build all these proteins that are DNA is trying to give us instructions to build.  It's really great to see the energy and the power and the youthfulness that comes about when you have those enzymes in your body along with SOD.


 (Phoenix)  I tell you what, I know I feel it , and Ive reported to a lot of our listeners  about how we feel and how good it is. I know I'm feeling it. Bob Gilpatrick is here and explaining the science behind anti-aging.  Boomers Forever Young and Bob is talking to us and explain the science of anti-aging and what he and his organization of Boomers Forever Young has learned, what they're doing what their striving for, how you can help yourself to not age and possibly  reverse the effects of Aging, and the science behind it. This isn't Theory this is proven stuff.


 (Phoenix) Bob, you have been talking about this superoxide and how it burns our cells up, stress, and all that, you know you’ve hear about these strange accounts of spontaneous human combustion.  Do you think that possibly that what actually happens is a hyper release of superoxide within the body that actually causes the human cells to begin to burn, could that be possible?


(Bob Gilpatrick):  It could be possible,   you know superoxide is produced in large amounts when you have too much sugar in your body and you know it could have something to do with that.  People that have diabetes age very quickly because when they when they have a lot of sugar in their blood and it normally will drop down into the cells to get burned for energy, but if there's too much then you have free floating sugar and what it does is it looks to combine with something,  and so it combines with proteins and  it glycates those protein and produces these toxins and in the process,  throws off  a molecule of superoxide. That's why are people with diabetes end up with so many problems it's the advanced oppothies of being caused by excessive superoxide. So it  could be that in a case  like that,  somebody all of the sudden started making large amounts of sugar and creating all of this superoxide, that's one possible explanation.

There are a couple of things remaining on this Topic  that's real important,  about the new sprouted barley product is that  it solves  one of the major problems in nutrition and aging which is,  as people age, their small intestine,  which is primarily responsible for the absorption of nutrients  tends to become diseased, and normally,  has this beneficial mucus  thats in your small intestines, and they have these little hairs called villi that absorb the nutrients,

 and as you get older than mucus tends to become more like plaque and it'll come over and kill off those villi, and then you have a very difficult I'm absorbing nutrition.

 And so people tend to begin to age faster because they are starting to become malnourished as a result. 

The Barley product will break up that plaque and move it out of the body, and then the little hairs will re-grow.  They are made of glucosamine and they actually re-grow and you can regenerate your small intestine so you can absorb nutrients at a very high level again. 

This is really important because our soil is so depleted that our food is grown in. If you if you talk with somebody like Jeffrey Bland who is the scientist in a nutritionist it he says the average American diet has very little to no nutrient density and so your other diets are really bad, and any nutrients that are in it aren’t  getting absorbed by people who are getting older and so you end up having lots of malnourished people, and it causes a lot of obesity because people crave more and more food because they're actually malnourished.  

So if you can get your intestines cleansed and we generated,  the barley itself is grown in soil that is that is pure organic soil that's just loaded with all kinds of good things,  So the barley itself is very healthy food, and people tend to eat a lot less food when they put barley sprouted barley seeds in the water and drink.  So by taking that barley product, your kind of killing two birds with one stone,  your cleansing the intestines and you're getting very healthy food that was grown in soil that is very healthy.  The other thing that happens, I want to make sure people know, it also is very good for making healthy bones.  In fact they tested The Barley with chickens that they wanted to see if they could get them to get more muscle and the chickens just love this stuff, and one of the things that happens with chickens as they age is there bones get brittle, and sometimes their legs will break and then they become very vulnerable and they die sooner.  Than when they started feeding the barley to the chickens, they never broke their bones anymore.

 Then they discovered that it helps human bones as well in my personal testimonials to that I had a number of broken bones that were painful still even forty years later.  When I would play golf or baseball, my wrist would still hurt where I had broken it twice.

 I was taking the barley and after about 3 months,  I was waking up in the night time, and I had these dull ache in my bones in my wrist and it lasted for about 3 weeks,  and I called Ken and talk to him,  and he said,  “Yeah your bones are healing over”,  and sure enough the pain went away and now I have no paint left in there that all, it's as if nothing ever happened to it. 

The Gladiators wear big barley eaters, in fact they had a nickname that meant barley eater and when they exhumed their bones with archaeological digs, 2000 years later their bones were still intact.  They could see where they had Nick marks on them and their bones will never break.  We've had a lot of situations with people that come to us and their bones get a lot stronger.



PHOENIX :  That’s fascinating, that’s amazing stuff, So this stuff so this  barley is not a common thing and the level 1 level 2 barley  that you provide.  For our listeners, as know,  I use Barley  level 2, I absolutely enjoy it,  and I did have some of the detoxing effects, which I shared  with you Bob.  When I run,  I run 5 miles every day.  I  have a Under Armour brand of workout gear, and I have an Under Armour hat that I wear that black, and it has  the white Under Armour logo on it and I  noticed that  it that wasn't immediately when I was using the Boomers products but, I started noticing when I would take the hat off the white logo had turned brown, as an effect from detoxing with the barley, it was happening to me.

(Bob ) Yep,  it's going to detoxify your liver and your kidneys and your blood and your lungs in your intestines.  

You know human beings are exposed to a lot of toxicity.  Tire dust,  rises in the air and goes up into the air about a mile and a half and disperses and gets blown all over the place so we're always having tire dust fall on us everywhere we go,  and not to mention the fumes from the cars and toxins in the water and everything else. 

Pesticides in foods,  and you know humans are very gelatinous were a lot of water and in our skin is very porous and were extremely susceptible to the toxins that get into our body and it's a very big part of aging,  so having a compound like superoxide dismutase that can detoxifier your body is extremely beneficial.

(Phonex) Aging and the effects of aging you know when people are young strong they don't think about.   Is this the type of thing or are these the types of products that someone who's like starting to age needs to worry about, or would just be more , and as beneficial and what effect would this have time for someone younger?  Let's say someone in their twenties and said hey you know what I'm going to get a jump on this end and to get stronger detox. 

Are these products sold it for people are trying to reverse the aging process or slow down once they realize this really happening? Because man,  we're young we're invincible. Were like those Gladiators, we can run the wall.  When we think about aging,  I mean,  is this  something that you have a lot of clients that are or younger say  you know, in their late teens or early twenties to use your products and what are the benefits of starting natural anti-aging SOD program at an early age?


 (Bob) The answer is the people that they call you know the generation wires they are extremely concerned about aging and spend tremendous amounts of money on skin care products and other products and we have a number of young people that are you know,  if they notice the tiniest little wrinkle in their face and they're extremely concerned about it. 

When you and I were that age we didn't worry about it so much.  But this new generation has grown up with television and all of those commercials,  and the Cindy Crawford's.  They’re much more concerned about it than we ever were when we were that age. 

So we do you have younger people, and we also have some athletes that are younger people that use the products to improve their performance and with their running and different things like that. We also have small children they can take the product as well.  They take it in much smaller amounts.  Ken’s grandchildren have been taking the sprouted barley since they were old enough to eat solid food and they look really great.   They are very healthy children.


 (PHONEIX)  Well if people are not aware of it, Bob’s staff at Boomers Forever Young are known for their fantastic customer service.  They take a lot of time with their clients to help in more ways than people realize.  A lot of our listeners know this and they are blown away. You know your products are world class, and you offer products that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.  One of the big things is your really great level of customer service.


Taking  probiotics is important for everyone to take. The skin that we live in is it has got more bacteria on the surface of our skin then we have human cells.  Our body is actually only about one-tenth human and the other nine-tenths is bacteria and parasites and viruses.   We live in a symbiotic relationship with all of those organisms and their very beneficial most of them and it's only when they get out of balance it cause of the problem and by taking the probiotics in it you can keep it in balance.

 Probiotics are really cool because there organisms that constitute a probiotic are good bacteria and we feed them the sprouted barley seeds so they become like they become like super probiotics.

(CALLER)  Yeah, I’ve only been taking your probiotics for  a few days now and already I can feel the difference.  

(BOB G) There's a good reason not to have it in pill form, and it is so that people can dose themselves more accurately because you want to be able to give probiotics to little children but you don't want to give them as much,  and also people use our probiotics for Hygiene of their mouth,  because you want lots of good bacteria in your mouth.

 I'm doing coconut oil pulling and rinsing.  You can put a pinch of probiotics into your mouth and swish it around into your mouth for a minute or two before you swallow.  It's just easier if people are going to use it like that, that’s one of the reasons we decided to put it into a powder.

Put a pinch of probiotics in your mouth and switch it around.  It will colonize your inside of your mouth with the good bacteria which helps with digesting your food.


(Phoenix) Bob is re-doing this series about all the breakthroughs in anti-aging science at boomers Forever Young. Bob you were going to talk about Stress. You are going to talk about stress levels, and reducing stress.

(Bob G.)

One of the other main aspects of aging that people need to know about is the concept of telomeres which two in the news a lot now,  and telomeres are little tails that are on the ends of your chromosomes and they're like if you have a shoelace and you have a plastic tip on it that keeps the shoelace from unraveling that's kind of what a telomere is.  There's also information in the telomeres, and as people age their telomeres get shorter and shorter and as your DNA in your cells have to divide and double in order to keep replicating themselves each time they do the telomeres get used up a little bit and when they're completely used up or almost completely used up that's when people die of old age.  Your next replications occur with lots of errors and then your body breaks down and that's why you'll see people that live in a very healthy state.  It’s like “wow”,   you know he was healthy until he was 92 and then you just all the sudden started to go downhill.  Well, that's what happened,  you know if thats his 51st doubling of his DNA so to speak,  his telomeres ran out and that's how that's how people die of old age. 

There's a lot of research and new products coming out for telomere support, and one of the main things that makes your telomeres short is stress.

  Oxidative stress is something that the damages telomeres but also just stress from day-to-day life is very detrimental and people that I have very stressful lives that are caring for handicapped children in particular, tend to have shorter telomeres then people who have less stress in their life.

 Also, having a poor diet is really bad for your telomeres because you're telomeres in order to have any sense of regeneration have to have certain substrates of amino acids and other things that most people get through their diet.  If you have a very poor diet you won't have the building blocks to regenerate telomeres Dr. Oz's  is saying that less than 1% of the people in the United States can get the nutrition that they need from food because the soil is so depleted,  so people need to be able to get nutrition in other ways than food until we get some someday to a point hopefully where we can regenerate our farms and people can get their nutrition from food again.

That's one of the reasons then we develop the product called Boomer Boost. 

The product called Boomer Boost,  we designed to go with the Boomer Barley.  When we put the formula together for Boomer Boost, we assumed people would be taking would be taking the Boomer Barley, cleansing their intestines, and being able to absorb nutrients.  We put all the basic building blocks of human life in the form of nutrients Into the Boomer Boost. 

 There are 70 different  nutrients that are macronutrients including amino acids and vitamins and minerals and coenzymes and other specialty compounds that help build your cells, like phosphatidylcholine , coenzyme Q10,  for your energy and it's all in there in the correct ratios that you need,  so there's no guesswork of going to the health food store and buying 6 bottles of this and 3 bottles of that and how much do I need and how much do it take.  We figured it all out for you. That's one of the ways to assist with your aging processes to make sure you have that really good diet. 

 For stress itself, we’ve put together some videos for people that you can access for free on website ( and it's there's a tab on the navigation bar that says free stuff and when you click on it and you scroll down on the left hand side you're going to see three different videos are in these blue boxes and one of them is on the Emotional Freedom Technique also called (EFT or tapping).  It’s a very advanced technique that a lot of famous people advocate as a therapeutic technique for managing stress and even things like PTSD. You can learn the basics of tapping by watching that video.

If you have an issue with a particular issue, and  your having trouble figuring out exactly how to do it because you have a unique issue you can always call us up on the phone and let us know what it is and we can walk you through some customizing it just for you.

That's one of those videos on stress that's there.  The other one is a video called The Ultimate Mind Calming Exercise.  It's also called Head circles.  If you turn that on and watch it it's about 20 minutes.  This is what I like to tell people, this is one of the main things people need to do in their Stress Management. and spiritual practices is  learn to quiet their mind.  It's very hard to hear the voice of God if your mind is full of chatter, and people will meditate for many years and never quite figure out how to quiet their mind.  When you watch this video on head circles and the mind calming exercises you will be able to quiet your mind within 20 minutes of the time that you turn that video on. If you do it, it can really change things dramatically for you. 

(Phoenix)  Heres a really cool technique to help people fall asleep, Its helped me before, I’ve used it as have a lot of our listeners, why don’t you tell us about it.

(Bob G.)


A lot  of the time when people are having trouble sleeping it's because their mind is racing and then they start worrying about things.  What happens is you need to have certain brainwave going on to be able to sleep.  You have to have delta waves in enough amount and you also have to quiet down your beta waves.  If you wake up and your mind starts racing what happens is you're running a story in your head and you actually kind of talking yourself and it lights up your speech center in your brain. Broca's area and then that results in this play beta waves have too much beta, and now you're awake. 

So by relaxing your tongue because your tongue is part of your speech it tends to shut off Broca's area.  It's very hard to think and speak if your tongue is completely relaxed.  Your tongue quiets the Broca's area which narrows your beta waves and allows you to fall asleep. 

Imagine if you're taking your fist and you can make a tight Fist and then you very slowly relax and concentrate and how great it feels to be relaxed.  You do the same thing with your tongue you can tensed up and then just let it go slack in your mouth and focus on that relaxation.  It's very difficult to keep your eyes open and stay awake when you relax your tongue. 

If you're having a particularly difficult time you can do lymph drainage on yourself also the tapping techniques on helps with fallen asleep in the head circles as well all of them together are very relaxing and can create a state of peacefulness and when people are in a state of peacefulness their body is much healthier than if you're in a state of anxiety.


(Phoenix) Bob what would you like to finish tonight and share with everyone before the show's over?

(Bob G)  Okay sure,  I just wanted to add a couple things we talked a little bit about the probiotics and I just want to let people know a couple of important things about holistic nutrition.  As you formulate products and you look for things to help you,  vitamin D3 is probably the single most important nutrient that people need.  If you don't have enough vitamin D3 you're going to be really sick.  One of  your previous  listeners and started using our products and started to get  to feel better and more energetic a little bit but she was still kind of lacking.   I told her  get your vitamin D3 double checked.  She did,  and it was very low.  She started taking more of it in the next thing you know in 2 days energy came up and she said she had actually never felt good her  whole life. She  was in their sixties.   So that's how important it can be.  We have vitamin D3 in our  a Boomer Boost product,  but we purposefully did not put enough in there because some people live in Florida, some people live in Canada and its the sunshine vitamin is fat soluble and you can overdose on it,  and so we wanted to be able to let people get just the right amount.   It's advisable to get your blood tested see what it is try to keep your level at around 70.  That's why we have it separate and not in those powders. The other thing is that when you get fatty acids which are really important for your whole body,  your  skin, your brain, everything they can to make powders taste bad. So we kept them in separate pills and we made this kit that people can get that will give them comprehensive nutrition with Boomer Barney and the Boomer Boost, and those extra pills. And if you have your probiotics, you don't have to worry anymore about tricks and back and forth to the health food store trying to figure out what to get next time if you have the right things.

 This is a way to just narrowed it down two minutes of time in the morning,  mix your powders together,  take a couple pills and that's it,  it's done.  We did all of the work for you to make sure that very quickly and easily you could get really good comprehensive nutrition.  As you do it you'll start to feel really really great and the whole idea is to make it so you don't have to worry about your health and wellness.  It's like if you're driving a really old car and it starts to drive you crazy because things breaking down and you're worried about it, its a and pain,  and then when you get a new car all the sudden your life changes and things are smoother and you feel better. 

The same thing with your body,  if you’re getting older and it's breaking down,  you're going to be your going to be miserable and it's and it's not necessary anymore for people to go through life and experience the effects of Aging that start you know younger and younger and younger these days because the diets are getting worse and worse.

We put together the Youth Booster Pro Kit  that has those things in it that you need,  and we also can counsel people that aren't quite sure what to get if they're not sure if they want a level 1 or level 2 barley and call us up and talk with me or our staff,  and we will help walk you through all of that .  If you have issues with stress or any other kind of the issues that you're not a hundred percent sure after watching the videos and you give us a call and we'll walk you through so that you can get on the path to having really great physical health, so that you can be free to have your emotional health also, and your spiritual health and you'll then be able to be in a position from that place of really great health to be consciously aware.  You’ll  have much more clarity of mind,  your awareness will elevate,  and you'll have the ability to really  select the paradise of your own choosing for this lifetime,  and to pick it out, and visualize it, and track, it and live it and buy it and then share it with everybody else. 

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