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Welcome to all of you who have arrived from BarleyGold.com. In Canada the name of this product is Barley Gold and in the United States it is called Boomer Barley. Shipping is done from Canada for people who live in Canada and if you are in the US, shipping comes out of Florida.  Boomer Barley and Barley Gold are exactly the same product. Boomer Barley has  a USA compliant label.

You can also purchase Lignans on this site.  Go to the Home page and in the product drop down select Boomer Lignans.  This is the same product as Lignan Gold. If you are in Canada and would like to purchase other Boomer Products please call us at 1-800-861-4609.

Boomer Barley Level 2

Boomer Barley is pure organic sprouted Barley Seeds in powder form.

Many whole foods are lacking the active life force within them that are energy contributors.

Without the active, alive state of our foods, we can try to eat healthy foods, but are still burdened with digestive inability and degenerative conditions.

Where our food derives from and how it is cared for, determines the nutritive value we are ingesting to replenish our body.

Boomer Barley will cleanse your body starting with your intestines. This is a vital intervention as over time our intestines become clogged with a mucus plaque that chokes off the Villi that absorb nutrients. These Villi will grow back as the plaque clears thus restoring proper absorption.

Who needs Boomer Barley Level 2?

People who are being treated for cancer and want to maintain their strength and muscle integrity.

“O” blood types. Pre Diabetics and Diabetics – more protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Athletes or people wanting to “beef” up. Boomer Barley™2 is great because it is a digestible protein.

This is important as athletes normally choose a high-carbohydrate content food to digest quickly and receive a quick fix of “high glycemic” energy. Before a workout athletes can choose a digestible protein, which will give them their needed energy immediately but can now also reap the rewards of having the protein factor. This will continue using its low glycemic fashion of releasing the energy over a period of time so the athlete can go longer and farther without the crash.

Vegans or vegetarians or raw food dietarians who are looking to implement more protein rich foods.

Who needs Boomer Barley Level 1?

Most blood types tend to do well on starting & staying on Boomer Barley™ 1.

People who want to shed extra pounds and avoid building large muscles.

People who are low protein eaters, including people who are elderly and inactive.