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Boomers Forever Young
Boomers Forever Young
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Premium Pro-Biotic 2 Pack (REG. $79.95)
Premium Pro-Biotic 2 Pack (REG. $79.95)

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The human form has approximately 1 quadrillion human cells and 10 times that many other than human in the form of bacteria, viruses, funguses and parasites. This is referred to as the bio-genome. Some of these are beneficial and others are harmful. The good news is that good bacteria (Pro-biotics) consume bad bacteria.

Maintaining a homeostasis between the good and the bad is a crucial part of optimal health. Other good news is that you can load up on good bacteria by taking a pro-biotic supplement.

Pro-Biotics help your body produce vitamins, absorb minerals, and aid in the elimination of toxins. Additionally Pro- Biotics are essential for a Healthy Immune system.
Maintaining a homeostasis between good and the bad bacteria is a crucial part of optimal health. You can increase the amount good bacteria you have by taking our pro-biotic supplement.

Boomer Premium Pro-Biotics will consume bad bacteria and help maintain a homeostasis between the good and the bad bacteria for optimal Gut Health.

Good bacteria are involved in numerous metabolic pathways that maintain health. In fact most of your neuro- transmitters are manufactured by good bacteria.

The metabolic processes need other metabolites to complete their mission and Boomer Pro-Biotics contain hundreds of metabolites as a result of our unique manufacturing methods.